Full Access Cardiac Monitoring

with VitalPatch® RTM

Get to know your heart better.

The MediBioSense VitalPatch is an end-to-end remote patient monitoring solution that enables constant and unprecedented insight into patient health.



MBS HealthStream revolutionises the way health and wellness is measured and tracked at a clinical grade level. MBS HealthStream is a secure cloud-based dashboard designed for clinical settings where providers can increase access to healthcare, improve the quality of patient care and reduce costs.

Best-in-class Wearable

VitalPatch RTM allows patients to go about their normal daily routine,
optimizing compliance over the monitoring period
Easy to Apply

VitalPatch® RTM requires no assembly or charging, and the device is fully disposable.

Built for Comfort
Lightweight (13 grams), slim, and flexible design makes wearing a VitalPatch® RTM a breeze.
Staying Power

Medical-grade, hypoallergenic adhesive maintains placement while minimizing the risk for irritation.


With IPX7 water-resistance, patients have the freedom to go about their normal daily activities.

More Data. Better Insight.

Single-lead ECG
Heart Rate
Heart Rate Variability
Respiratory Rate
Body Temperature
Body Posture
Fall Detection

MBS HealthStream is built on a robust scalable cloud-based platform to support current and future clinical needs, bringing huge benefits to staff including increased productivity, ease of care, patient wellbeing, proactive remote monitoring and preventative healthcare.

Less Noise, More Clarity

The VitalCore processor & integrated ASIC chip create a hospital-grade, high-fidelity ECG with unmatched P-wave clarity

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