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Being in control of your body is just a ring away.

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Personalized Insights

The Inspire Ring gives you vital information on the necessary bio-signals you need to help you improve your wellness.

Track your sleep

Sleep takes up a third of our lives. Get access to in-depth information on how well you rested last night by tracking your REM, Light, & Deep sleep phases.

Understand your heart

Find out what activities are causing your heart rate & HRV to fluctuate through the visual charts in the app!

Tag your habits

The Inspire Ring app allows you add tags to your charts to remind you what occurred during that timeframe that may affect your bio-signals.

Get a glimpse of your bio-signals on the go

Stay connected with important insights and notifications, all through the Inspire Ring app

Reap the rewards of improving your Readiness score

Unlock profound insights into the reasons behind how your body is feeling, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your physical well-being.

Experience effortless sleep tracking like never before

Monitor and analyze your sleep cycle seamlessly, taking your sleep insights to new heights.


Travel with Inspire Ring

Inspire ring for the adventurer, inspirer & the explorer

Sophistication and innovation wrapped around your finger for instant measurable data, wherever you go.

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